Marinated Swordfish

2 pounds swordfish chunks
1/2 cup Newman's vinaigrette salad dressing (or home-made equivalent)

Put fish and dressing in a plastic bag (such as for food storage, with no holes), mix thoroughly, then squeeze all the air out--every last bubble!  Now, twist the top of the bag until the fish and dressing are tightly squeezed and under pressure.  This makes the marination process proceed much faster than in an open pan.  When almost ready to eat dinner, get the oven broiler going, and broil the fish for about 5 minutes.  Small charred specks should appear.

As variations on the theme, add various herbs and spices to the marinade.

Serve immediately.

You can substitute any firm-fleshed fish (tuna, halibut, sea bass, salmon) for the swordfish, and ocean scallops are very good, too.